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The best 2016 Gym App

Nowadays there is  big number of apps that can improve your quality of life. I was looking for a good app that could help me with my gym workouts, and after a long research my opinion is that the best is “Gym Workout” developed by Fitness22.

You can choose different sections:

  • Exercises (point 1 on figure) – In this section you can look for a specific exercise if you know its name (point 2 on figure). You can also select a cardio exercise (point 3) or you can select the muscles you want to target and all the related exercises will be presented in a list (point 4).

App Gym Workout

If you tap on the 180° icon you will see the exercises related to the muscles of the back.

screenshot_20161106-090054If you tap for example on shoulders you will see all the related execises:


If you click on the top-left star of the exercise you will insert the exercise between your favorites.

It’s also possible to look for a specific exercise if you know its name by clicking on the top left magnifing lens.

Tapping on a single exercise you can see a small gif showing you how to perform the exercise.


Clicking on the play button in the bottom you can play a video that shows you how to perform the exercise with more details:screenshot_20161106-090010

Pressing the bottom left icon you can read the instructions to perform the exercises.


On the bottom of the screen there is also a little section bar(the little yellow rectangle) where it’s possible to see the variations of the exercise and you can also choose the repetition speed.


Tapping the top star on the screen you can see all you favorites exercise divided in groups in relation to the targeted muscles.


  • In the workouts section you can select a specific workout to do. There are free workouts, but to see advanced workouts you need to pay. You can also create your own workouts combining all the exercises that you like the most.

Gym Workouts - Workouts Section

  • The “Progress” section shows your completed workouts, with the weight you used and the repetitions that you did for every exercise.
  • The “Apps” section shows you the others app of Fitness22. Maybe I can review some of them in future, but I can say that “Home Workout” is the best to perform exercises at home. The user interface is similar to “Gym Workout” but there are exercises that can be performed at home.
  • In the “More” section you can set up your profile and connect with Fitness22 community.

I don’t own all the images and the app, I’m only expressing my opinion on this app, and I think It’s the best for Gym Workouts.

The official site is:

You can download the app from the App Store (iOS), Google Play or Amazon.

Have a good workout 🙂







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