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CRM Javascript – Get and set a lookup field

MicrosoftDynamicsCRM logoIn Microsoft Dynamics CRM it’s possible to link records together using relashionships. You can see an example of lookup field creating a 1:N relashionship between two entities. In the forms you are able to put a grid (of the related records) on the first entity and a lookup field (a reference to the first entity) in the second entity.

Lookup field allow you to insert a sort of “link” to a related record, allowing you to use also a wild card research.

This image shows how a lookup field looks like in the entity form before you choose a related record to insert:

CRM lookup field



It’s possible to use javascript to do custom action on this kind of field.

The following code shows you how to get and set lookup fields.

Get a lookup value

var lookup = new Array();

lookup = Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“attribute”).getValue();

if (lookup != null) {

var name = lookup[0].name;

var id = lookup[0].id;

var entityType = lookup[0].entityType;


Set a lookup value

Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“attribute”).setValue([{ id: recorid, name: recordname, entityType: entityname}]);

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